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Consolidated cargo transportation

Swift development of small-scale business and the tendencies for closer cooperation between the companies from different countries demand superior plans of cargo delivery. Especially, it has to do with the small consignments of goods the conventional delivery plans of which are not cost-effective. But, as it is known: “demand breeds supply”. Therefore, it is quite natural that such service of the logistics companies as consolidated cargoes delivery gained prompt popularity. Today, it takes no special effort to find a method to ship a several kilogram cargo to any place in the world. The main problem is that only large logistics companies having necessary infrastructure and technical facilities for this purpose can render the high-quality consolidated cargo delivery services.

Consolidated cargo delivery by “Grand Service” Company

“Grand Service” Company renders consolidated cargo transportation services in the territory of the Baltic States, the CIS and Europe. High-quality service and the shortest terms of delivery are our main advantages.

Transportation of consolidated cargoes is a convenient and favourable method of shipping the small consignments of goods. The essence of the method is that several small consignments of goods are consolidated and carried with one transportation facility in one direction; the delivery is performed at the different addresses. Transportation of consolidated cargoes is most effective when it is necessary to deliver small consignments of goods regularly.

Rendering of consolidated cargo transportation services requires from a carrier considerable experience, established business relations and availability of modern vehicle fleet. “Grand Service” Company has been engaged in consolidated cargo transportation for more then several years. An accurate and effective plan of operations allowing us to offer our customers the most favourable conditions of cooperation has been worked out. Availability of a chain of warehouses in the key regions of delivery allows us to perform consolidations of cargoes efficiently and reduce the transportation cost.

Moreover, our company can offer a number of additional services that essentially simplify customers’ work, namely, consolidated cargo customs clearance and warehouse services.

To get more detailed information concerning transportation of consolidated cargoes and calculate cost of such services, contact our manager.

Cooperation with the “Grand Service” Company will make your business even more effective!


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