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Oversized cargo transportation

Modern business demands modern logistics solutions. It is not always possible to deliver cargo using the standard plans. It is quite often necessary to transport oversize, large-size and heavy cargoes.

Transportation of oversize cargoes is one of the most difficult directions in logistics, demanding from a carrier company certain experience, availability of special equipment and individual approach to each order.

Oversize cargo transportation has some distinctive features: sometimes, special equipment is required (low-frame platforms with load-carrying capacity of 20-200 tons); “Grand Service” Company has its own vehicle fleet of equipment and involves corporate partners’ special equipment, if necessary.

When shipping the oversize cargo it is imperative to observe the necessary safety measures and rules of transportation established by the acting legislation of the countries which territory is used for transportation.

Our company takes orders for transportation of oversize cargoes of any complexity all over Europe, the CIS and the Baltic States.

Oversize cargo transportation by “Grand Service” Company includes:

  • Selection of the required special transportation facilities considering, to the extent possible, all characteristics of the cargo to ship;
  • Elaboration of a cargo transportation route;
  • Issuing of all necessary permissions;
  • Organization of State Vehicle Inspection’s escort if the transportation terms require so;
  • Transportations informational and advisory support.

At any moment the company’s customers can track movement of a cargo on its route.

Cooperation with “Grand Service” company means fast and safe delivery of oversize cargoes of any complexity in any directions.

Besides, our company additionally renders services of insurance and customs clearance of cargoes, and also cargo protection and escorting services.

To receive more detailed information on oversize cargo transportation you can call or write our experts.

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